I Hate Hospitals

red crossThe first time I ever fainted, I was just visiting someone in ICU, so lots of tubes and needles. I’m a bit squeamish (understatement) and can barely handle putting a bandaid on a cut finger. Your skin isn’t supposed to be sliced open. It freaks me out. And anything more than that doesn’t even compute. Tubes, needles, knives…

I start imagining what it would look like from the inside of the body (if there was good lighting) and my brain just sort of shuts down. There’s no feeling of fear associated with it, just a NOPE!  And then no more blood to my brain.  Continue reading

In Response To A Matt Walsh Pro-Life Blog Post

AngryFaceWhile I’m not an avid reader, when The Matt Walsh Blog pops into my G+ stream, I always click to read, and often browse around if it’s been a while. Nine times out of ten, I even enjoy it. But a few days ago, one popped up in my stream that annoyed the hell out of me. I don’t always agree with him, but always respect and even appreciate the posts. This one just made me face palm. I was disappointed. Not about his stance. Just at the terrible arguments made. I know he’s better than this, because I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

His blog post was a weak attempt at tearing up a pro-choice argument (sent via email) with what is supposed to be considered logic. Granted, the argument was presented to him in an angry, childish manner… but the response was no better! It even goes so far to ask for a rebuttal from the woman that sent the email, which if he doesn’t get (and she probably doesn’t read your blog anymore) is an automatic win as long as she doesn’t respond, and that’s a cheap shot. Continue reading

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

ninjaI woke up with a strange thought in my head. I’m sure it’s not original, but it was weird to just wake up thinking this. The phrase says innocent until… but there is no “innocent” verdict. It’s either “guilty” or “not guilty.” Not guilty is not the same as innocent. Simply that you weren’t proven to be guilty, whether you are or not.

I already have a large distaste for our judicial system. We’re told we have rights… when in all actuality, we’re just unimportant and left alone. These rights don’t really exist until they’re violated or threatened to be. How does that make it a “right” if it can be violated and then have to prove that? If it were a right, that burden wouldn’t be on me.

Anyway… Continue reading


snowflakeSo, a little over four years ago, I moved to BFE North East Alabama from San Antonio. This has subjected me to some interesting sorts of weather. Namely, tornadoes. I don’t handle those well. But let’s talk about snow.

love snow.

San Antonio doesn’t get snow. If flurries fall near the city, it shuts down. It won’t even stick, so there are no snowmen. The first time in Alabama that we got snow, I had priorities. Snowman first, crunching up and down the street second, followed by pictures and talking on and on about the snowman.  Continue reading

Why I Hate Comcast

cableWhen we bought our first house, I had priorities. Internet first, furniture later. Besides sating my YouTube addiction, I was finishing up a degree via a few last courses online. So with my limited experiences, I knew cable was more reliable than satellite, especially since I had moved to Mother Nature’s uterus, and boy can she PMS.

Did I mention that this hormonal-weather-center is located in the middle of nowhere? You know what I miss most about city life? Options. Cue Comcast: The only cable provider for our area. Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions

resolutionsI’m not one for the whole resolutions thing… but I’ve been bored, so I wanted to set some goals for myself this year, MissGrumpyPants style.

I first got sick before Thanksgiving and stayed sick through New Year’s… so I lost a bunch of weight and my Grumpy Pants are fitting rather nicely again, if I do say so myself. I hope to find plenty to gripe about this year, because I appreciate my good fortune to have such insignificant things to bitch about. My life could be far worse and I’m grateful that it isn’t.

Resolution #1: Read more… Let’s say at least 50 books this year.

Why? Because reading makes people less stupid. And I’m bored. Continue reading

I Don’t Understand: Compliments

confusionThere are tons of things I don’t know, but most I could learn if I wanted to. I mean, there’s not enough time in my life to learn everything, but I could learn what I want. Usually. Am I making sense? The point I’m trying to make, is I’m going to start a series about stupid things my brain can’t make sense of, that it should, but it just doesn’t.

A new series you say? How can you start a “new” series if you haven’t even written in nine months? Well, because it’s my blog and I do what I want.

This particular entry is about compliments. I have zero ability to comprehend compliments. I become so confused when someone gives a compliment, that my brain just sort of momentarily shuts off and has to reboot. I even sometimes have a fraction-of-a-second blackout. Continue reading

Huggies Diapers Craptastic SureFit Change Review

Huggies SureFit DiapersI’m not interested in turning this into a Mommy-Blog, but I’m sure I’ll have plenty of Mommy-Rants. And for whatever reason, Huggies is my target today. Lately they’ve been advertising their new SureFit design on television, and because I stockpile, I hadn’t come across them, myself. My MIL was the first to bring about the ‘problem’ to my attention. Our nephew’s diapers were noticeably different, and not in a good way.

Apparently, Huggies is marketing their new SureFit design to disguise the other changes. The diapers have gone on a diet.

They are thinner, because as Huggies puts it they’ve ‘removed fluff’ so they’re less bulky… But not so fast, it’s not a bad thing, because they’ve added more of that gel crap that soaks up all the pee. That’s good, right? Wrong. Continue reading

The Crazy Things People Do For Parking

parkingI went to the grocery store today and as I was walking to my vehicle with Monktopus (my one year old daughter) and my bags, a vehicle behind me slows down when I open my trunk. They then begin to wait for my parking spot. Now, this does not bother me, whatsoever. You are welcome to my space when I’m done. But even before I had a child, I had the common sense to know that people with babies take a while to leave, and I am not an exception. I am not going to haphazardly fling my purchased items into my car, chuck my kid in, and haul ass for you. I will place items so they will not get broken or roll around, and I will make sure my child is securely and correctly situated in her complicated pain-in-the-ass car seat. And after a minute or two, if you floor the gas and speed off in a huff, I’m not going to care, because if you had just gone into the spot 5 spaces further, you would have long since been in the store already.  Continue reading

What Happened To Accountability?

blame accountability responsibilitySince when do we hold dogs more accountable for their actions than a human being? Since when is it acceptable to justify a criminal’s actions by putting blame on a victim? Why does society feel sorry for people that are held responsible for their actions? It makes me sick!

Everyone plants their feet so firmly in not-my-fault ground that people start believing them. And yes, there are always going to be reasons… and those reasons aren’t always a responsibility cop-out. People want to know why, and people often want to share why… but it seems everyone has just started confusing the reasons they choose to do something with actually being forced to do something.  Continue reading